recently i have a project which
requires a grid more powerful than the one comes with vfp. so i
begin to research on 3rd party activex com grid controls.
eventually i purchased a copy of farpoint spread 7

how i know of farpoint spread 7? a
while back while i was taking up the task of maintaining an existing
vb6 project, i found out the original programmer used an old version
of farpoint spread. my client doesn't have the source disk of the
farpoint spread any more, so i emailed farpoint technical support and
asked for it. they sent me the installation files right away! i am
impressed with their technical support because that is a really old
version of the control.

although it is not cheap, but to me it
certainly worth the price. i don't have any issue using it with vfp,
not a single crash. having said that, farpoint grid is not 100%
compatible with vfp. for example, any grid method with an out
parameter in its signature is not compatible with vfp. it is a known
issue (
fortunately there are workarounds so i don't see that as a

their online documentation is also very
good. although they have a trial version of the control, i found
that even if i don't download the trial, i can still evaluate the
control based on their online doc.

well, i guess all com control vendors
are moving to .net now. so i don't expect there will be a next
version of farpoint spread com control. but i still find this
control as of what it is now very useful to my present and future vfp

in short, i am a satisfied user of the
farpoint spread 7 control.

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  • Gregg says:

    Thanks for the kind words David. Thought that you might be interested in knowing that we are working on Spread 8 and hope to release it late this summer.

  • Robby says:

    Hey David.  I am glad to hear you are so impressed with Spread 7, our tech support, and our customer service!

    It is true that COM control vendors are, or have already, moved to .NET.  However, we recently took a step back, listened to our COM customers’ requests, and began working on a new version of Spread for COM, which will be Spread 8.

    Keep your eyes open and consider upgrading to the new version when it is available.

  • Anil says:

    Well David, can u show us the screen shot of

    farpoint grid how its working in vfp9 so other

    vfp developer’s can get benefit from it and tell

    us why u used this control instead of native vfp

    grid. Just drop a line in your blog about it. Thanks!.

  • davidfung says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for your comment and that’s a good idea 🙂  I used the native grid in many occasions but there are some cases that I would like to use a more sophisticate one, e.g. able to address a cell by row and col, and to drag-select an arbitrarily rectangle of cells to copy and paste to/from Excel.  Sorry no screen shot available for now…


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