Monthly Archives: November 2007

to continue the saga from my previous post (excel event binding), the custom application i wrote for my client is now running happily with excel 2003 after implementing those new event handlers to satisfy excel 2003.  so far so good.  but that is not the end of the story.

new computers at my client site come with office 2007.  (i don't know where you can buy office 2003 anymore.)  excel 2007 again has some new events that need to be handled:


after adding these event handlers, excel 2007 ole automation has no problem. 

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i do a fair amount of excel automation work for my client.  this time i would like to use excel as an external editor to compliment the vfp built in grid, i.e. instead of using the grid to edit data, the user can say click a button to start up excel and use excel to edit the data, when they close excel after editing, somehow the edited data will be wrriten back to the grid.  this way the user can use the multi-cell copy and paste feature of excel among other useful features of excel.

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