the language c is behind a lot of fundamental technologies such as linux, apache, device drivers, internet protocols, etc.  the first version of bittorrent is written in python and python is written in c.  ruby on rails is written in ruby and ruby is written in c.  yet most of us is not concerned when will be the next major version upgrade of the language c.  why?

what makes c so powerful is that we can write libraries (in c) to extend c.  similarly in the case of perl, it takes a long time to go from perl 5 to perl 6, but that doesn't harm the usefulness of perl 5.  because a vast number of extension modules are written to extend perl 5 in perl (and in c). 

vfp is no exception.  vfp is a mature product that innovation goes sideway.  i really appreciate the vfp team to make extensibility and compatibilty the two major goals of vfp beyond version 9.  although closed source, vfp is open enough to be extended by vfp (xbase) itself, by dll written in any language, and by fll written in c.  vfp is very friendly with c and i guess only when c demises vfp will demise.

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