Monthly Archives: October 2006

i have two different vfp apps running at a client site.  one is a frontend desktop app that the
end-users use, and the other one is a backend maintenance app.  the maintenance app runs at night to do a set
of system maintenance jobs.  it has no
frontend and if there is anything needing attention, it will email the
technical support personnel for further investigation.

i developed these two apps separately, i.e. they belong to
two different projects.  in the
beginning, the maintenance app only did a few things, such as search and delete
temp files,… Continue reading

my app has to deal with a lot of dbf which sometimes get
corrupted.  upon checking, the corruption is most likely due to
some additional bytes after the logical end of the file.  the
problem is vfp9 refuses to open it with error 2091:

table "name" has become corrupted. the table will need to be repaired before using again.

it always puzzle me why vfp does not any built-in dbf repair command
(not even the simple one) although it has a native dbf engine.

lately the frequency of corruption get to a point becomes
annoying.  so i look around the… Continue reading