Monthly Archives: July 2006

adel gharib has submit a tip of the month in advisor guide to visual foxpro july 2006 issue to create a distributable command window which can be embedded into a compiled vfp exe.  i have worked on adel's tip and package the code into a class (commandprompt of sysadmin.vcx).

i use the accept command instead of the inputbox command suggested by ceil because it acts more like a command window that way.  and a form is used as the input/output service. 

to open the command prompt window, run the following code in the vfp command window or through a menu pad or… Continue reading

i haven't done any client/server work with vfp yet but plan to do so.  i am thinking of should i use msde or mysql. 

mysql now has gui frontends similar to enterprise manager and query analyser.

mysql admin

mysql query browser

i haven't tried them yet but their screenshots look promising.  with these tools, it would be easier to do ad-hoc maintenance job at the client site.  this is a plus for mysql.  on the other hand, msde does not come with any gui front end, so it will be more difficult to manage it at the client's site,… Continue reading

all i am doing is to use ole automation to open an existing excel spreadsheet, read a value from a particular cell, then close the worksheet.  that's all.

i thought i didn't do any update to the worksheet so didn't take any precaution when closing the spreadsheet, assuming(!) that it will just close properly.  it works in my development pc.

but it doesn't work in production.  excel popped up a dialog upon closing the spreadsheet and hanged my application.  guess what that is?

excel was suggesting to save the spreadsheet to a new version and asking the user to confirm,… Continue reading