since vfpskins is no longer available i have been looking for other ways to skin the beloved fox.

i found a way. pretty soon i will show the code and make this available to all of you.

all we need now is some creative minds that can create other skins.

oh, and sure enough this project needs some improvements. so be my guest



yes, i know, this is like swearing in church. this vfp die-hard is doing a vb project.....

but i need some money coming in, so i take what i can get.
today i ran into a weird problem that i was not able to solve yet.

don't say this problem is nothing, because that is what it is all about.

i have this grid, basically it works well.

depending on the value of one of the columns a dataset is filled with a subst from another table. working still very well. until!! the field with the value for the subset is… Continue reading

as some of you may have noticed on the forum i am currently involved with a project that does vb.

so far i found it a very userunfriendly environment (to say the least).

being a part of vs (2008) i find vb very bad and vs very sad where it comes to datahandling.

in the upcoming posts i will keep yer all informed about my findings. hopefully some of you, working with vb as well, can have a profit from all this. i will not refrain from telling about the mistakes i made, so maybe you do not… Continue reading

i have been playing around a bit with netextender by etechnologia from colombia, these guys do some nifty work if it comes to opening the .net framework for vfp users, it also enables us, vfp addicts, to share some of the datapower of the fox with those poor guys and galls who are so sick to use .net as is.

one of the pretty features i found is that it is possible to send an email with basically 5 lines of code.

it could use a bit of tweaking to make it a bit more robust, but here are the lines:

omail = clrcreateobject("system::net::mail::mailmessage", ;
"mailaddressofreceiver",;… Continue reading

as was released on the forum i am awarded with the mvp award by microsoft.

i feel very honored and pleased with this, at the same time i am surprised.
being very bluint in my opinion(s) in the past i had the feeling that i had minimized my chances for becoming mvp to below zero.

now that i am awarded i will not really stop speaking out as i feel. (you did not expect that did you?)

what i also feel is an extra drive to bring up my ideas about it in general and creating solutions for the benefit of… Continue reading

ok, back home again. a stay in the hospital is bad for my sense of humor. earlier this week i sat in one of those conversation rooms where two old men were bragging how sick they were and how painful their operations were et cetera. there i was, with a drain. i got so annoyed with these men that i asked, pointing at the bottle from my drain: "wanna drink?"

they were gone before i could blink my eye.

anyway. in all the rush around the bad news i had a short e-mail exchange with les pinter.

he wrote to me: "i… Continue reading

from the hospital, still a bit drousy from last friday's operation. thank god they have internet.

after last weeks devastating news from ms i decided to set up a new site. and no that is not a typo. i still hate that less than second best framework thought out by a bunch of crappy guys and galls under the heavy influence of last night's drink.
the logo will be a fox with a tear in his eye, kinda pagliacci. there will, of course, be a rant page where i tell exactly how i feel about those duckheads in redmond who killed the… Continue reading

much has been written about the double byte character sets already.

steven black has an excellent article on his site written by margaret duddy, look at


also rick strahl has written about his thoughts and solutions about this, in one excellent article on


both articles helped me in creating the solution i offer here.

about this article.

this article is written with three goals in mind.

first and for all i want to show that it is rather easy to create vfp applications that can display multiple double byte character sets at the same time.

secondly… Continue reading

years ago, on profox, ken levy suggested a guerilla tactic in marketing to make visual foxpro more visible.

so here is my part. i am now working on a site, where any self employed visual foxpro addict and any software shop, working with visual foxpro, can put ads for free.

the site is not quite done yet, lots of pages to create.
i hope that this will, eventually, bring visual foxpro more to the attention of the world of managers and it specialists.

the fox will always keep on running...

you foxers are a curious kind of human beings. so eric tagged me (how dare he). you really want to know 5 things about this doubledutch dutchman you do not know, always wanted to know but were afraid to ask?

do i want to tell you all the gory details? yeah sure. i am, after all, your worse nightmare. never say you did not ask for it! never say i didn't warn yer.

1. been married for 3 times. had a wife twice. now i have a buddy, a true friend who stands next to me no matter what is going on,… Continue reading