every now and then i find myself looking for that special drawing that seems so hard to get.

yesterday i was playing with paint.net, a freeware image processing application that comes pretty close to photoshop (so i heard, never used photoshop to start with).

the nice thing is that there are many plug-ins for effects available for this application, so yesterday i found a plug-in to create buttons. shiny, good looking button pictures that you can use in your applications.

though the ui, the maker of this particular plug-in created, adds text to the button, based on the special characters that are available in fonts like webdings, wingdings etc.

as i simply refuse to remember all the special characters that are in the different fonts (i have other things on my mind) i created a simple table, with all ascii chars from 1to 255 and put that in a grid with for each column another fontname.

i included it for your use here.

have fun


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