Monthly Archives: August 2009

every now and then i find myself looking for that special drawing that seems so hard to get.

yesterday i was playing with, a freeware image processing application that comes pretty close to photoshop (so i heard, never used photoshop to start with).

the nice thing is that there are many plug-ins for effects available for this application, so yesterday i found a plug-in to create buttons. shiny, good looking button pictures that you can use in your applications.

though the ui, the maker of this particular plug-in created, adds text to the button, based on the special characters that are available… Continue reading

march 2005 rino veryser wrote in his blog about the problems he had detecting a right-click in a treeview control.

i am currently working on an app that uses the treeview extensively.

i too needed that right-click. and this is what i came up with:

lparameters tnbutton, shift, x, y

#define mouse_left 1

#define mouse_right 2

#define twipscalc 96*1440

if tnbutton == mouse_right

   onode=this.hittest(x / twipscalc, y / twipscalc)

   if type("onode")="o" and !isnull(onode)

      this.drophighlight… Continue reading

rereading ken murphy's post on software protection (see message id 133912 of the forum) i was stunned that he had some logic against the creation date of the exe file.

in my opinion, and i have to confess i never took a closer look at it, the creation date is the date the exe was compiled as such at a given time.

well, i was wrong, that is reflected in the modified date.

the creation date is the date the exe is copied onto the disk.

this works only when you unzip a file, using an installer appearantly touches the creation… Continue reading