after last nights dinner i went to bed but hardly could sleep.

up at 5 for the last day.

yesterday i had a session on software protection. not all things went as good as i wished. so this morning i did work on the loose ends because i had the same session today again.

now everything went smooth, actually so smooth that i had to invent some last minute things as otherwise my session would end too early.

good thing that venelina jordanova was in that same session together with uwe habermann.

they came up with some question that really took me some time to answer.

yet, the session was over in 65 minutes. 10 minutes earlier than expected.

the session on the first day, on was a very good one. it took me not too long to prepare for that and there was an enormos amount of information to share, so filling that session was more like leaving out things.

i spend the rest of the afternoon in prague and go back tomorrow early afternoon.

this was a nice experience, the prague devcon is a very intimate one with nice folks around and a loose atmosphere. i was honored to be here.


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