day 2 in praha.

day 1 of the devcon.

i had two session today, one on the vfpcompiler and one on the netextender

the compiler session was visited by 60 people, the extnder session was visited by 30 people. all in all it was quite an experience to speak for 75 minutes.

i can suggest to anybody to prepare a session and speak even for a smaller group.
that will most definetely raise your awareness of the enormous task to prepare and perform such a session.

this experience made me more aware of what welll known speakers like doug hennig, andy and marcia, cathy pountney, tamar granor and all those other big names are or were doing year after year. (please don't be offended if i did not mention your name, that was no on purpose!)

but at the same time i have to warn for the addition level of this experience. if you don't watch out you'll be hooked before you know. just like creating applications this is most addictive.

tomorrow i do a session on protecting your software. mind you, today i was telling about the netextender and showed the encryption/decryption possibilities. the combination with writing data in an absolute unreadable way came up and i will use this in my tomorrow's session as well.

some new ideas for sessions came up.

keeping you updated. see you.



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