Monthly Archives: June 2009

after last nights dinner i went to bed but hardly could sleep.

up at 5 for the last day.

yesterday i had a session on software protection. not all things went as good as i wished. so this morning i did work on the loose ends because i had the same session today again.

now everything went smooth, actually so smooth that i had to invent some last minute things as otherwise my session would end too early.

good thing that venelina jordanova was in that same session together with uwe habermann.

they came up with some question that really… Continue reading

day 2 in praha.

day 1 of the devcon.

i had two session today, one on the vfpcompiler and one on the netextender

the compiler session was visited by 60 people, the extnder session was visited by 30 people. all in all it was quite an experience to speak for 75 minutes.

i can suggest to anybody to prepare a session and speak even for a smaller group.
that will most definetely raise your awareness of the enormous task to prepare and perform such a session.

this experience made me more aware of what welll known speakers like doug hennig,… Continue reading

up at 3 in the morning to catch a plane at 7 is beyond human efforts for me, but i did it.

right now i am in my hotelroom, looking out over a street and a small park playground.

plane took off at 7:05 exact and landed 1h 10mins later at ruzyne (the name of the praha airport)

i will keep you all updated about my days here. looking forward to the events.