Monthly Archives: February 2009

yes, i know, this is like swearing in church. this vfp die-hard is doing a vb project.....

but i need some money coming in, so i take what i can get.
today i ran into a weird problem that i was not able to solve yet.

don't say this problem is nothing, because that is what it is all about.

i have this grid, basically it works well.

depending on the value of one of the columns a dataset is filled with a subst from another table. working still very well. until!! the field with the value for the subset is… Continue reading

as some of you may have noticed on the forum i am currently involved with a project that does vb.

so far i found it a very userunfriendly environment (to say the least).

being a part of vs (2008) i find vb very bad and vs very sad where it comes to datahandling.

in the upcoming posts i will keep yer all informed about my findings. hopefully some of you, working with vb as well, can have a profit from all this. i will not refrain from telling about the mistakes i made, so maybe you do not… Continue reading