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ok, back home again. a stay in the hospital is bad for my sense of humor. earlier this week i sat in one of those conversation rooms where two old men were bragging how sick they were and how painful their operations were et cetera. there i was, with a drain. i got so annoyed with these men that i asked, pointing at the bottle from my drain: "wanna drink?"

they were gone before i could blink my eye.

anyway. in all the rush around the bad news i had a short e-mail exchange with les pinter.

he wrote to me: "i… Continue reading

from the hospital, still a bit drousy from last friday's operation. thank god they have internet.

after last weeks devastating news from ms i decided to set up a new site. and no that is not a typo. i still hate that less than second best framework thought out by a bunch of crappy guys and galls under the heavy influence of last night's drink.
the logo will be a fox with a tear in his eye, kinda pagliacci. there will, of course, be a rant page where i tell exactly how i feel about those duckheads in redmond who killed the… Continue reading

much has been written about the double byte character sets already.

steven black has an excellent article on his site written by margaret duddy, look at


also rick strahl has written about his thoughts and solutions about this, in one excellent article on


both articles helped me in creating the solution i offer here.

about this article.

this article is written with three goals in mind.

first and for all i want to show that it is rather easy to create vfp applications that can display multiple double byte character sets at the same time.

secondly… Continue reading