Monthly Archives: November 2006

although we do work now for near to 2 years in the same version of vfp i found last week that visiting a devcon is very worthwhile. i was in frankfurt last week.

not only did i get the chance to renew contacts and meet new people, more than that i did get new ideas that made my head nearly explode.

i survived lisa slater nicholls 3 sessions on reporting in vfp9, including one session on the new stuff that will be available in sp2, more than that she showed some neat tricks that can be done in the current… Continue reading

although intellisense is maybe one of the best productivity tools in the long hsitory of vfp it sometimes is very much present in a way that can really bother you. simple example, type the select command and a huge popup shows up right over your code. not something you really want. so, you can, of course, disable intellisense but that is a disadvantage because then you don't see all the help offered by intellisense.

here is one of the reasons i like devcons so much, you get tips from your collegues.
yesterday simon arnold and i were talking to andy… Continue reading