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in my previous post i told that i was loosing weight (again).

i am proud to tell that i have now lost near to 13 kilos without feeling faint or hungry. surprise [:o]
well,, it's 13 down, 29 to go!! big smile [:d]

quite some time ago i tried, all on my own, to get rid of some overweight. i have written some about it on this blog.
although i did indeed loose some weight (5 kilos) it came back with the blink of an eye.
that really bothered me as i did try to keep my food as healthy as possible surprise [:o]
i did try to loose that weight with these shake things devil [6]

nonetheless i gained weight again sad [:(] and actually gave up on getting rid of it. until lightning [li] i heard of dr. cohen's personal diet lightning [li].

i really like his approach. as a medical… Continue reading

this is one whitepaper in a series of scribbles, all of them about the very fine process of selling.

the reason i created these is that, in my opinion, many developers under-estimate their own ability to close a deal in a sales situation. i did translate these papers to the vfp developers. i hope you find them useful.

what do you sell?

as developers with a main interest in vfp we often rant about the lack of marketing efforts from the side of ms on this very fine product.

complaints are that vfp jobs become less and less available over… Continue reading

software economics and vfp

there are more than enough articles available on how to create robust and well working software. not may articles however, describe the economics behind the decision making on software. this article is the second in a range of articles describing some useful techniques to help you, as software developer, in the discussion with your clients (i consider your boss a client as well) on how to decide for the most elegant way for developing software. of course, since we are all vfp developers, i will emphasize the importance of our beloved fox within this context.

to… Continue reading

about people and problems.

during the 20+ years of software development experience in all layers of organizations i have very often seen that people describe any problem they are confronted with in terms of solutions to that problem.

accepting the solution as they describe it might eventually bring you, the developer in problems as many more issues might arise during development. did you ever hear about requirements creep? well, here is the classical situation how this can happen, and there are several other possibilities as well.

so our first duty is to find out whether the solution as described is… Continue reading