Monthly Archives: July 2005

this was a lousy week. our oldest cat, hassan, was very sick. the 3rd time in a little over 6 months time.

he was suffering a aggressive allergy for certain types of food as well as a heart disease.

when he came in our family, 12 years ago, he was sick already, sneezing all the time, one of those dreaded diseases cats can have. good care and doctor's medicine brought this well under control.

last november the allergies showed up. it was more or less controllable with medicines but only for short periods. he became worse and worse.

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beginning this year i was told that my former employer had to let me go for several reasons.

being 47 years old i did apply for some it related jobs but either never did get a reaction back or the reaction was not very clear to begin with. inquiring for the real reason of not being invited brought to the light that the age was not suitable (to put it mildly.)

after several of those experiences i made up my mind to start my own shop. i told this to my dear belgium friend, marc debisschop only to find out… Continue reading

i recently read two good books on the subject of software development.

the first book is one that i liked particularly since i studied the same matter when i did my ba for business information. its all about the true value of software, money, and how to get the most bang for the bucks.
return on software is mostly directed at the  financial and decision making aspects of doing business, written by steve tockey.

i can also recommend this book if you are working for a non-profit organization.

return on software

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