it is nearly two weeks now that i made the decision to loose some weight.

even though i did not really put all my effort into it i am doing well. quite some kilos are gone and i must say that it feels great.

so what did i do for it so far.

although i am not really a fan of this i got some powder from a friend of mine who is a herbalife reseller.
i use this once a day and as for the rest i just take care of what i eat.

whenever i have guests i eat with them, like last week when my co-conspirator and partner in business marc debisschop was here with his daughters. i made a nice lunch. tomato salad with roasted onions, buffalomilk mozarella and lots of basil and a mustard-honey dressing. a nice spinach fennel soup with small rings of leek and herbs. a avocado-apple salad in greek yogurt with fresh pepper. fresh baked bread and for teh rest some dutch cheese and ham. very rich yet low in fat and it tastes yummy.

doing it like that i loose weight each day without much effort.

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  • Anonymous says:

    glad to here you are making the commitment to change.

    diet alone may not get all the results you want, you must increase your exercise as well.

    if you need motivation,(and i think we all do) try

    no hard sales, just lots of like minded people trying to make a change to themselves

  • Dan says:

    If you are concerned about your weight pick up a book by Barry Sears called Enter the Zone. Excellent science behind what you eat and why to eat a paticular way. Easy (I know that’s hard to believe) and delicious (getting even harder to believe) but it worked for me and everyone I’ve seen try it.


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