one of the thing that phyllis furumoto, the current grand-master of usui shiki ryoho (the usui school of natural healing) did a few years ago, was defining reiki in the context of four aspects and nine elements.

one of the aspects was reiki as a mystery school. (the others are spiritual discipline, healing practice and personal growth).

at first i did not understand this aspect but over time i learned to appreciate it more and more.
in the old times mystery schools were not uncommon, even though not everybody was entering the schools.
when i got the book on mysteryschools from konrad dietzfelbinger i quickly saw the resemblance between what happened in the old mysteryschools and in reiki nowadays.
like in the old schools reiki is challengiing one to find his/her own way in life and be set free from dogmas and rules, invented by others.

this "revelation" (for what it's worth, it felt so for me), made me look at holy books from a totally different angle. it looked at them more with in my mind, "what if the sources are spiritual?" would it be appropriate to make a projection of the lessons in these books directly on life?

what i see these days is that many discussions and actions are showing that big religions themselves are making the mistake of this projection.
what i also see, looking at the spiritual lessons from any big religion, is that they are not so different at all.

let's just hope that the leaders of the big worldreligions dare to face the challenge to renew the view on what they represent, showing respect for others, who, even though the path might be different, aim for the same.
let's hope that these same leaders give the daily example on how to peacefully and totally respectful co-operate with people from a totally different walk-of-life.
the example set by buddha, by jezus, by mohammed and many many more that i do not know of.

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