Monthly Archives: April 2005

it is nearly two weeks now that i made the decision to loose some weight.

even though i did not really put all my effort into it i am doing well. quite some kilos are gone and i must say that it feels great.

so what did i do for it so far.

although i am not really a fan of this i got some powder from a friend of mine who is a herbalife reseller.
i use this once a day and as for the rest i just take care of what i eat.

whenever i have guests i… Continue reading

one of the thing that phyllis furumoto, the current grand-master of usui shiki ryoho (the usui school of natural healing) did a few years ago, was defining reiki in the context of four aspects and nine elements.

one of the aspects was reiki as a mystery school. (the others are spiritual discipline, healing practice and personal growth).

at first i did not understand this aspect but over time i learned to appreciate it more and more.
in the old times mystery schools were not uncommon, even though not everybody was entering the schools.
when i got the book on mysteryschools from konrad… Continue reading