Monthly Archives: March 2005

this week was an exciting week. oh, i guess this is how many things start. i lost quite a few kilos. about 5 to be exact.

i didn't do anything special, no fat foot, no beer (at least not daily). 3 normal meals a day and quite some walks with the dog. this is easy to keep up with.

for the week to come i have some heavier exercise in mind, weightlifting.
not really heavy weights (yet) but just enough to feel my muscles beg for some rest and make them burn that fat away.

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it was nearly a fact that the scale in my house screamed murder when i stepped on it. that was way too long ago. 123 kg and a bmi of 38.8 kg/m2

no matter how you look at it tells me that this is way too heavy.

so here is my target. in my best days i weighted 76 kg. i want to get back there again. so that means 47 kg weight loss.
oh well, even the longest journey is done best step by step. i will keep you all posted on my progress...

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if you really need to get the working week out of your system i can advise you to start dancing.

elina, my spouse, my soulmate and ever so patient wife started nagging several years ago. “boudewijn, what about dancing? would you like to do that...”

my reaction was a clear no, not me!

but oh, the wicked mind of a woman is something we poor sodds, aka men, can never beat.

she then said, ok, let's try it for a year, just one season. if you really don't want it then you will never hear me about it anymore...… Continue reading

it was back in 1992 that i rang home 'cause i wanted to ask my dad something. mom took the phone and she said he was not there. he was to his choir, “singing barbershop”... my reaction was one of high intelligence... “whaaa, huuu???”

the next week i went to my parents, i had to see that. when i came there the very loose atmosphere and the socializing attitude of those men really got on me. i was asked who i was, whether i have been singing whether i wanted a beer (of course, why not!) and then this wild… Continue reading

i would like to say thank you eric first for starting this new initiative. although i have never done blogging before i took the chance wholeheartedly when he offered this.

one of the nice things is that it might be a new learning experience. something i am struggling with now is how to make posts under certain categories. i hope to find out soon.

let's see what this will do for the community. lots of good i assume.