... and how much money do you make with that?

would up to 10k in a week do well to you?

let me know? i am interested in your opinion!

hi all,

just wondering.
while at work more often than not parkinson's law kicks in.
i talk abot the rule , "work will expand to the time allotted to it"...
iow, allot one day to a task that would normally take 1 hour and you can be 99.99% sure it will last the whole day to finish that job.

so if you have a job that needs to be done and you know the job will take like an hour, but you say to yourself "ah, by the end of the day is good enough" (i mean, your manager… Continue reading

for some the word hypnosis have an association with mysterious powers, men in black capes who, with deep roaring voice tell you to re-lax, re-lax and the victim acts like a puppet on a string.
nothing could be further away from the truth.

the best hypnotist, milton ericson, was a crippled man in a wheel chair. hardly a mysterious looking guy.

hypnosis is actually a state of relaxed focus on one specific matter, whether that is a book, a movie, your work or even when you do your work-out in gym or outdoors.
hypnosis is also not about one specific… Continue reading

every now and then i find myself looking for that special drawing that seems so hard to get.

yesterday i was playing with paint.net, a freeware image processing application that comes pretty close to photoshop (so i heard, never used photoshop to start with).

the nice thing is that there are many plug-ins for effects available for this application, so yesterday i found a plug-in to create buttons. shiny, good looking button pictures that you can use in your applications.

though the ui, the maker of this particular plug-in created, adds text to the button, based on the special characters that are available… Continue reading

march 2005 rino veryser wrote in his blog about the problems he had detecting a right-click in a treeview control.

i am currently working on an app that uses the treeview extensively.

i too needed that right-click. and this is what i came up with:

lparameters tnbutton, shift, x, y

#define mouse_left 1

#define mouse_right 2

#define twipscalc 96*1440

if tnbutton == mouse_right

   onode=this.hittest(x / twipscalc, y / twipscalc)

   if type("onode")="o" and !isnull(onode)

      this.drophighlight… Continue reading

rereading ken murphy's post on software protection (see message id 133912 of the forum) i was stunned that he had some logic against the creation date of the exe file.

in my opinion, and i have to confess i never took a closer look at it, the creation date is the date the exe was compiled as such at a given time.

well, i was wrong, that is reflected in the modified date.

the creation date is the date the exe is copied onto the disk.

this works only when you unzip a file, using an installer appearantly touches the creation… Continue reading

sexy sells.

yep, again i bother you with a whitepaper, a weird name, by the way, for a piece of paper, covered with black spots called letters, what is so white on these kind of papers? wink [;)]

each and every salesman can tell you that sexy sells.
coming from the battleship gray colors of windows 95 with dull icons we came into the colorful world of xp and vista (the latter for those who like pain).

the old way of creating applications will not do you any good in terms of sales these days.

of course, good functionality has the highest… Continue reading

after last nights dinner i went to bed but hardly could sleep.

up at 5 for the last day.

yesterday i had a session on software protection. not all things went as good as i wished. so this morning i did work on the loose ends because i had the same session today again.

now everything went smooth, actually so smooth that i had to invent some last minute things as otherwise my session would end too early.

good thing that venelina jordanova was in that same session together with uwe habermann.

they came up with some question that really… Continue reading

day 2 in praha.

day 1 of the devcon.

i had two session today, one on the vfpcompiler and one on the netextender

the compiler session was visited by 60 people, the extnder session was visited by 30 people. all in all it was quite an experience to speak for 75 minutes.

i can suggest to anybody to prepare a session and speak even for a smaller group.
that will most definetely raise your awareness of the enormous task to prepare and perform such a session.

this experience made me more aware of what welll known speakers like doug hennig,… Continue reading

up at 3 in the morning to catch a plane at 7 is beyond human efforts for me, but i did it.

right now i am in my hotelroom, looking out over a street and a small park playground.

plane took off at 7:05 exact and landed 1h 10mins later at ruzyne (the name of the praha airport)

i will keep you all updated about my days here. looking forward to the events.