After almost 7 years of service, I have finally shut down the old Community Server blogging software that was used to run Please welcome the new WordPress powered Foxite.COM Community Weblog.

Please note that there was no solid conversion from CS to WordPress. I had to write one myself. For that, I also had to study the MySql syntax, since I have never done any serious work in MySql before. I did not convert any custom links such as blogrolls etc that bloggers added to their site. In addition, I did not convert the Galleries that existed in CS either. I did try and convert as much embedded image urls as I could identify. I am sure I have missed one or two. So please if you see any broken image, please let me know and I will fix it. Of course, I can still access the old site from my LAN. If there's anything you need from the old site, I can probably get it for you.

Another thing that is no longer working is the 'integration' of the weblog in the forum site over at This means that the weblog postings will not show up in the forum. I need to update the main site so it knows how to access a MySql database.

No doubt, the WordPress software will offer you, as a blogger, many more features. Loads of plugins are available (if you need one, please ping me and I'll set things up for you). You can post from the Windows Live writer or from your iPad or smartphone using the WordPress client application. Also, the web interface is much, much better than the old CS-based site. In WordPress, embedding images or attachments is as easy as drag&drop.

If you are a Foxite.COM Community Weblogger, please contact me by e-mail: While I did manage to convert a number of account properties, I was unable to convert your PASSWORD, due to different encrypting techniques. I will then send back your temporary password as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy the new weblog. If you don't, well, I am sorry. But the old site costed me way too much time and resources.

Have a great 2012!



2 Responses to Here’s the new Foxite.COM Community Weblog

  • Tom Borgmann says:

    where do I find all the former foxite blogs now? The old links are broken and I can’t find any hint, where to look for to rebuild the links within my own blog and within Outlook.



  • Eric den Doop says:

    The old blogs are still available at their old URL. If your links contain a file reference to *.aspx, then remove the file name from the url so the url looks like All ‘official’ old links to blog postings are auto redirected to their current location.

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