I came across this interesting html5 clock done using the canvas element and since the canvas is quite similar to the gdi+x imgcanvas, i decided to create it using gdi+x.

To change certain properties, open the favourites tab in your property editor and make those changes.

If you require a different size, then just resize the class container and run the form.

Here is a sample form (included) showing different sizes and with some properties changed.

It was quite tough to get this to work since gdi+x uses a funny system
for drawing pies and because of the way i… Continue reading

i published some ultra simple buttons a while back that were quite lightweight
these had only text and the text was centrally aligned.

since then i have had requests to include the ability to add an icon and so these buttons have been enhanced to include icons as well as text alignment.

two new properties have been added to the favourites tab to allow this:

1. new property - textalignment

0 - middle (default)
1 - left
- right

2. new property - buttonicon

if set to an image
(bmp, gif, png,jpg) it will display a 24x24 pixel image… Continue reading

not another set of buttons you might say. actually i developed these buttons for a pos app a while back and finally got round to posting them.

the buttons are simple to use with all properties you need to set in the favourites tab.

ofontname - the name of the font to use
lshowbell - this gives a bell shape to the gradient. basically it changes the style of the button. see the image below.

nbuttoncolour2 - the 2 colours that will be used for the button when
nbuttontype = 4. use the colour picker to change these.

nbuttontype… Continue reading

in one of my previous posts i described a lightbox class that was activex friendly.
the old post is here: vfp lightbox class - now activex friendly

unfortunately because of the logic used in the class, for large "busy" forms with a large number of objects, it caused a couple of seconds delay before the lightbox was displayed and even then on slower computers the screen update was noticeably slow.

so i had another look at the logic of the previous version and threw away most of the code. the result is a lean, mean lightbox that is very snappy… Continue reading

been a while since i posted anything.

came across a desktop image when browsing the other day and saw this application desktop. it looked doable in vfp so i got stuck in and this is the result.

the class is based on the gdi+x classes from the vfpx site and requires vfp9 sp2 or you will not get transparency.

i kept the class simple with few properties to set but that can be easily changed by anyone because the source is included. all the properties are self explanatory.

so just create a form with a nice background and drop as… Continue reading

after some testing and additional functionality programmed in, i have decided to release this new version of the gdi+x pad - v1.35.

there are a number of enhancements to it, to enable it to be easier to use, which i will list here:

1. the error handler was changed to the older conventional on error from the try...catch style because try...catch was unable to process certain errors and threw up nesting errors. the error handler now handles improper code statements correctly.

2.the image canvas has some additional functionality.

if you move your mouse over the canvas, a white border… Continue reading

just a note to whoever reads this blog and downloaded the gdi+x pad. that the post has been updated. the download has also been updated to v 1.12.

please check this link for the update and new download:

many times when trying out the gdi+x classes i have had to create a form and then type out the code and run the form to see the results. another problem i have had is looking up sample code to see how things are done. i have always wanted an easier way to manage this.

note: post has been updated with some new info. see below. also the download is now v1.2

the gdi+x pad is a visual foxpro 9 sp2  application where you can type in your gdi+x code to see how it looks… Continue reading

following on from my previous post about creating check boxes completely with gdi+x i decided to try something a bit different and create a 3d option button set with colour schemes. what follows is about this class as well as how to set it up and also to create your own colour schemes, in addition to the ten schemes included.

the gdi+x classes that are used in this class use functions in that are fixed and you will get errors if you use the release version. as pointed out by cesar, the latest update with bugs fixed has… Continue reading

a reader on my blog posted - why don't i create other base controls with gdi+x so i thought i'd give it a shot. this post is about recreating the vfp base classes using pure gdi+ and the gdi+x classes to achieve neat looking base classes.

when i say "base class" i mean with vfp intrinsic ability to bind fields to controls. so while not all pem's available in the checkbox have been implemented the two most important have been - databinding using the controlsource and of course sprucing up the ui experience.

after a day and a half, this… Continue reading