The other day I changed my mobile carrier which necessitated a new SIM card. The pone is an iPhone 4.

While checking the usage on my phone co. website I noticed a strange number as the first entry where it said I had made an SMS call and my carrier charged $0.50. While the amount is only 50 cents I was intrigued as to who or what had made this SMS in my name.

The number SMS's was 011447786205094

Reverse look up did not help so I finally turned to Google. I had to remove the international code and country… Continue reading

So I just updated my iPad with the latest firmware - IOS 5.0.1 and read that there is a facility called Wi-Fi sync where you are supposed to be able to sync wirelessly.

Of course the Apple site was of no help so I turned to Google and after much searching and trial, found info on how to enable WiFi sync.

What Apple doesn't tell you is that you have to Reboot your computer after setting this up in iTunes or it will not work. What they also do not tell you is that you MUST have iTunes running on… Continue reading