Interop Forms Toolkit

the final piece of the puzzle

one of the things i have always wanted to do was to be able to expose the objects contained in the usercontrol as well as their properties without writing thousands of set and get statements. after all if you take a simple control with 4 textboxes, there are literally thousands of properties that would require sets and gets to be exposed using the interop toolkit template. i always knew there had to be an easier way. well the other day while re-reading this article(,guid,3dd24f92-a52c-4bb0-8121-c2e6e2cc4f93.aspx) from craig boyd and this line popped out at me:… Continue reading

exposing properties


in previous posts i used the example of creating a toolstrip as an activex. i showed how the click could be exposed and trapped in vfp:

i, ii & iii

 in this post i will show how the various properties can be exposed so that they can be read or changed from vfp once the activex is created.

the toolstrip has many properties of its own as well as properties for each of the buttons added. these can only be accessed externally if they have been exposed within the activex. since there are literally hundreds of… Continue reading

true multithreading in vfp

in this 4th part i will describe here a way of obtaining true multi threading with vfp and the interop toolkit usercontrol. as you know this is impossible in vfp alone although there are some ways of achieving this through com and use of timers.

the method for doing this has been adapted from the code found here:
you should also read this article thoroughly.

so fire up vb 2005 express and create a new interop user control project..see here for how.  name it multithreadedcontrol. rename the interopusercontrol.vb to bbinteropusercontrol.vb

open the control… Continue reading

part 3 – adding and enabling a menu strip


in this post i will expand on my other posts (1 & 2 ) and show how we can add a menu strip and use it from vfp. you will need to download the source code supplied in the previous post to follow along.


mike s has requested this segment so here ya go mike…


open up the project in and you are good to go.


adding a “menu strip” is very easy. double click the file mytoolstrip.vb to open it in the design window. from… Continue reading

part 2 - properties and more events


today i will show how we can add additional controls as well as expose properties of those controls in our activex.


if you haven't already please read part 1 of the post.

open the project in vbexpress you created earlier or if you’re lazy download the complete project code from the link below and follow along.


double click the file mytoolstrip.vb to open it in the designer. from the toolbox on the left drop a checkbox onto the usercontrol surface. change these properties:


(name) = chkonoff

autosize = true

text… Continue reading

part 1 - installation, control creation & events


microsoft have recently released the interop forms toolkit 2.0  at . this toolkit allows developers to create activex controls that can be hosted in vb as well as forms that can be called from vb. but this toolkit is not limited to vb alone. it can easily be used to create forms and controls for use in vfp, as i will show.


first things first. go and download the installer from the page above. the only file you will need is interopformtoolsinstaller.msi (5.2mb) and install it on your… Continue reading