There was a query from a user on Foxite as to whether it was possible to set a tile as disabled. It certainly is, but "Disabled" is not needed for all tiles, because of their usage.

Among the 5 different tiles provided, the disabled option only makes sense for the following 3 classes of tiles:

Partslide, PartslideL & WideTile.

So there is now an Enabled property of the tile, found by selecting the Favorites tab in the property editor.

Two new properties have been added/provided as shown:

disabledimage -  the image to display when the tile is disabled

Enabled - .T. / .F.

To use this you will need an additional image, same as the topimage tile image except you need to convert its colours to greyscale.  Just open the image in any good image editor and set the colours to greyscale and save with a proper name. I could have used GDI+ to create this image on the fly but I wanted to make this class more lightweight, hence the additional image is needed.

Here is the top image (tile2.jpg) and its greyscale counterpart (tile2disabled.jpg):


All that is needed now is to set the properties as shown above and then you can change the ENABLED property of the tile at design time or runtime. I have provided a sample form - disabledtiles.scx that demonstrates this using a button to toggle the state of the tile.




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