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Earlier I had published 2 articles that described Windows 8 Live tiles

The original Article and the Update1

I had also published an Easing Library for VFP which used Robert Penner's Easing Functions converted by me for use in VFP. Since I liked those easing functions, I decided to put them in a class and add them to the Windows 8 Tiles project so that the Win8 Live tiles now have Easing. Here is the sample below.(excuse the blurred colours. That is because GIF's have only 256 colours)

I have added the easing Functions Library as a class in the… Continue reading

I have always looked at other programming languages, especially .Net WPF forms and admired the Easing that was available for those controls. In VFP that seemed impossible.

Not any more. Enter the Easing Library of functions for VFP. If you don't know what Easing is, then have a read here

Also, to better visually understand what is meant by easing, have a look at this page where you can try out the different easing functions available. You need to do this to understand what easing is and what it can bring to your apps. No static image can ever illustrate… Continue reading