Hi Guys

I have just updated the Windows8 Live tiles with 2 new tiles.

The new tiles consist of an user defined image that slides left/right to reveal some user defined text. This is what the tile could look like initially. This is the Slide Left tile.

When you mouse over, the tile slides Left or Right depending on the class selected and will look like the image below. This is the Slide Right tile of the  Slide Right class.   The SlideLeft class (shown above)  is subclassed from this class.

I have not added any custom properties because the objects can easily be selected and changed. basically you would change

  • the image - 308 x 148  px (size is so that a one pixel border can be shown around the tile)
  • the background colour of the container
  • the 3 text captions

The sample form

Download the attached updated  classes from the link below

bbWin8Tiles v1.2

More later...

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