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Hi Guys

I have just updated the Windows8 Live tiles with 2 new tiles.

The new tiles consist of an user defined image that slides left/right to reveal some user defined text. This is what the tile could look like initially. This is the Slide Left tile.

When you mouse over, the tile slides Left or Right depending on the class selected and will look like the image below. This is the Slide Right tile of the  Slide Right class.   The SlideLeft class (shown above)  is subclassed from this class.

I have not added any custom properties… Continue reading

I quite like the idea of "Live Tiles" on an application desktop a-la-Windows 8 (Metro). It gives your user up-to-date feedback in an animated tile of whatever information you choose to display.

For this post I created three different types of Live Tiles. All tiles are clickable so you can put any code you want into the click() method. All tiles are 310x150 px in size

1. The Rollover Tile

This tile allows you to display an image of 310x150 px as well as a text message that can be anything you choose. As the user moves the… Continue reading

Ever since it was first introduced, I have hated the fact that most applications insisted on installing stuff in my c:\Program Files folder. Some gave me the option of choosing another location but most, especially Microsoft Applications, like SQLServer and others, did not give this option and  insisted on putting everything in my C: drive.

When I bought my present computer it came with an 80 Gig HD which at that time was sufficient. I also added another drive of 250 Gigs as my D: drive and most of my apps are stored here.

Unfortunately over time the C:… Continue reading