Guys, its been a while since I last posted.

Anyway this is not about VFP but about webapps and HTML5.

Mozilla have been working on "Open Web Apps" - an open app store platform - throughout this year, and recently launched the Firefox Marketplace.

Currently there are only a few titles here and they only work on Firefox for Android which means Desktop and other Browsers will not work -or will they.

So I decided to check this out for myself.

There are a few things you will need first but everything is free.

1. If you haven't yet done it, install the latest version of the Firefox Browser

2. Install this addon - User Agent Switcher

3. You will need to restart Firefox (FF) to get this to work.

4. A new icon will appear on your FF toolbar that you can access as shown

User Agent Switcher Menu

You may not see all these options as I have added some of them like iPad, iPhone, Android etc.

You can now add your own useragent string to impersonate to web pages that the browser used is something else other than FF. I won't go into that now as this post is about the mozilla marketplace.

4. OK to access the mozilla marketplace, it expects you to be running the latest FF on an Android mobile device. I don't have one so what to do?

Using Google I find the latest FF user-agent string for Firefox on Android is:

Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Tablet; rv:16.0) Gecko/16.0 Firefox/16.0

and add this to my user agent switcher like so:

User Agent Switcher Settings for FF Android

Now I can impersonate FF running on an Android tablet with my FF desktop browser.

5. Lets open the Marketplace page:

and I see that I have to LogIn or register. Registration is free so just register or not register. Does not matter.

The Marketplace Start page

6. Clicking on any of the above sections takes me to the apps in that section. Again everything is FREE.

Here I have clicked the "Games" button

The Games section

7. Click on an icon to learn more about that app and if you like it, click of the "Free" button on the right to download and install it. If you do install it,  the button now becomes "Launch"

8. Click the launch button and the app runs in a separate window. This window is resizable and the app resizes automatically to the window size. Nice.

Here is Galactians2 running in a small window. Note that I can resize the window and even make it full screen.


That is how you can test these apps on your desktop even if you do not have an Android device.

9. So the next Q is where are these apps installed and how can I run them again?

Well if you registered then when you visit the main Marketplace page and browse the categories, the apps you installed will have a "Launch" button next to them that will launch the app again.

But what if you are offline, and the Q still is unanswered - Where are these APPS installed on my computer?

Ask no more. These apps are installed in your (Windows ) Application Data folder.

Start - Run - type %appdata% and press enter and the folder will be opened.

In this folder you will find the apps installed as below:

Apps installed by the Marketplace

and if you open each folder you will see this:

IThe files/folders installed

See there is an EXE file in the root folder and double clicking it opens the game in its own window. There is even an uninstaller.

10. So get started and access the Mozilla Marketplace from your desktop.







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