So I just updated my iPad with the latest firmware - IOS 5.0.1 and read that there is a facility called Wi-Fi sync where you are supposed to be able to sync wirelessly.

Of course the Apple site was of no help so I turned to Google and after much searching and trial, found info on how to enable WiFi sync.

What Apple doesn't tell you is that you have to Reboot your computer after setting this up in iTunes or it will not work. What they also do not tell you is that you MUST have iTunes running on your computer if you want to sync using Wifi. They already have about 5 or 6 exe's/services  running so now I must have iTunes on all the time even if I only use it to sync. What crap.

So why Reboot? Because they don't know how to install a service in Windows without first rebooting. They dont know about "net start" and other simple commands.

So I rebooted and re ran iTunes and now I can sync over Wifi. So I try it and immediately my computer fan goes crazy. The fan is attuned to the CPU so more CPU = more heat = more fan. I switched to Comodo Firewall because my Zone Alarm was sucking 50% resources the whole time.

I immediately checked my task Manager while the WiFi sync was on and there were the culprits sucking up CPU:

iTunes = 50%

APSDaemon.exe = 50%

My fan was now going full blast till  finally the sync ended and it slowed down. So my computer was now sitting idle but the fan was still at half speed. Why, I wondered.

Another look at the TaskMan and there it was. APSDaemon.exe was just sitting there sucking 50% of my CPU. Doing nothing.

So back to Google and I find literally thousands of unanswered complaints about the same problem with no solution other than killing the process to restore sanity. Nothing from the great "innovator" - Apple. Not a peep.

So my choice is use wired sync when needed or get ear muffs for me and a silencer for my fan.

Guess what - I chose the first option and KILLED that nasty APSDaemon process. The silence from my fan said it all. My CPU thanked me, and so did my purse. Removed the sucker from my Services list as well.

So the questions the beg answering are:

What exactly are Apple thinking when they add these additional processes that sit there sucking up CPU cycles for no reason at all?

Are they hi-jacking my PC so I will rush out and buy one of their overpriced computers?

What is innovative about an idle process that sucks up 50 % CPU?

Heaps of other Apps have been using Wifi to sync with my iPad for ages using a local server and syncing over Wifi using sockets. So what are the "innovative" engineers at Apple doing when they cannot get such a simple thing straight?

And don't get me started about Backups. I have about 20 Gigs of data on my iPad yet the last time I did a full backup it took 16+ hours. Now is that sanity? 16+ hours to backup 20 gigs of data? I called Apple then for support but their people were of no help and had no solution. I never backed up again. I will live longer for that - at least 16 hours longer 🙂

Finally I came across an interesting name in these searches for a solution:


Make what you will of that. Ha Ha.

Search terms used in Google:



Anti apple

More later...


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