I came across this interesting html5 clock done using the canvas element and since the canvas is quite similar to the gdi+x imgcanvas, i decided to create it using gdi+x.

To change certain properties, open the favourites tab in your property editor and make those changes.

If you require a different size, then just resize the class container and run the form.

Here is a sample form (included) showing different sizes and with some properties changed.

It was quite tough to get this to work since gdi+x uses a funny system
for drawing pies and because of the way i implemented this clock. anyway
got it to work and it is simplicity itself.

To use it all you need to do is drop the class on your form and run the form.

properties i have exposed:

cfontname - change the font for the numbers
nborder - padding space around the clock elements
ncurvature - curvature of the outer clock surface to give rounded corners
nfontsize - the size of the font for the numbers. reduce this if you want the clock small.



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