i was really surprised to receive a communication a while back frm the organisers of this conference, rick , doug and tamar. for those reading this post, they need no further introduction. if you work with fox you have to know them. speakers , authors and generally great people.

i was being invted to attend swfox as a ceil silver ambassador. if you don't know what that is then please look here:


i was thrilled to bits. suffice to say i was pleasantly surprised at the level of organisation and professionalism that these guys displayed, from start to finish. they certainly know what they are doing.

my flight to phoenix was good as i was able to grab some seats together and stretch out. picked up at the airport and met my friend cesar chalom for the first time. let me tell you he does not look at all like any of his photos (are there any?)

the hotel where the conference was is brand new and really good and we settled in nicely.
the first night - thursday 14th october was the keynote speech by craig boyd, and boy was he great. i have never seen so much energy in one guy at one time. funny and serious at different times he kept us engaged the whole time with his antics. and believe me his energy is real as after the speech and the day's sessions, i was jetlagged to the extreme but on my way to collapse in my bed, i could hear him by the pool. due to the time zones i crossed, i was up very early the next day and guess who i saw in the hotel restaurant at that early hour?  does the guy ever sleep?

i am really looking forward to the sessions starting today. i really hope i can keep pace with my jet lag kicking in at odd moments.

one of the great things, for me, was actually meeting and putting a personality and face to the people i knew only by email or reading blogs and so far they are a great bunch of people.  the next few days are going to be great with the different sessions being presented here. i just hope i can keep up.

gotta go. breakfast and then the fun begins.

more soon...

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