I came across this cool code recently and after investigating it further, decided to throw together a vfp frontend for generating the file needed for this.

Basically in windows xp you can have an activedesktop where you can display any html content. so if you have a page of html to display, you can change the display properties of the xp desktop to display this page.

This simple application i created, asks for a video file and generates a html page that you can then set as your activedesktop so that you now get a video, with sound playing. in your desktop as wallpaper.

Any video file can be used as long as it plays in windows media player. those that don't may need additional codecs.

To use this application, just extract the file attached and run it. you will see this screen:

Just navigate to the video file and select it and click go. a html file will be created in the same folder as the video.

To set this file as your activedesktop follow the instructions in the same screen and pretty soon you will have a video playing as your wallpaper.

Vista and windows 7 do not have the activedesktop but you can get a similar effect by following the link provided on the application screen to install the activedesktop gadget. just follow the installation and setup instructions on that page.

So without much more ado, here is the file to download and enjoy your new active desktop. i use a video of an aquarium downloaded from google and it is really cool.

If you want the source code for this drop me a comment here with your email.



4 Responses to Using a Video as an Active Desktop

  • Eduard says:

    I played with movies as active desktop for WinXP (Vista has this native, at least for ultimate – dream-scene was it?) but i think there was a particular annoyance with click-ing and rightclick-ing the new otherwise cool desktop 🙂

    You know, VLC (and bsplayer i think) is a better solution than activedesktop 🙂

    I remember it know, the particular movie was in swf format, embeded in a html file which was set as wallpaper. maybe this is where the clicking problem resided ?

  • Luca Moioli says:

    Dear Bernard,

    your application is very ingenious!

    I have XP and it runs perfectly.

    I am also a VFP developer and I would like to know how you developed it.

    Thank you very very much again.


  • Chaser says:

    I received a system error when trying to install the program with Windows 7:
    The program can”t start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer.

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