Monthly Archives: September 2009

in one of my previous posts i described a lightbox class that was activex friendly.
the old post is here: vfp lightbox class - now activex friendly

unfortunately because of the logic used in the class, for large "busy" forms with a large number of objects, it caused a couple of seconds delay before the lightbox was displayed and even then on slower computers the screen update was noticeably slow.

so i had another look at the logic of the previous version and threw away most of the code. the result is a lean, mean lightbox that is very snappy… Continue reading

been a while since i posted anything.

came across a desktop image when browsing the other day and saw this application desktop. it looked doable in vfp so i got stuck in and this is the result.

the class is based on the gdi+x classes from the vfpx site and requires vfp9 sp2 or you will not get transparency.

i kept the class simple with few properties to set but that can be easily changed by anyone because the source is included. all the properties are self explanatory.

so just create a form with a nice background and drop as… Continue reading