Monthly Archives: April 2009

after some testing and additional functionality programmed in, i have decided to release this new version of the gdi+x pad - v1.35.

there are a number of enhancements to it, to enable it to be easier to use, which i will list here:

1. the error handler was changed to the older conventional on error from the try...catch style because try...catch was unable to process certain errors and threw up nesting errors. the error handler now handles improper code statements correctly.

2.the image canvas has some additional functionality.

if you move your mouse over the canvas, a white border… Continue reading

just a note to whoever reads this blog and downloaded the gdi+x pad. that the post has been updated. the download has also been updated to v 1.12.

please check this link for the update and new download:

many times when trying out the gdi+x classes i have had to create a form and then type out the code and run the form to see the results. another problem i have had is looking up sample code to see how things are done. i have always wanted an easier way to manage this.

note: post has been updated with some new info. see below. also the download is now v1.2

the gdi+x pad is a visual foxpro 9 sp2  application where you can type in your gdi+x code to see how it looks… Continue reading