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following on from my previous post about creating check boxes completely with gdi+x i decided to try something a bit different and create a 3d option button set with colour schemes. what follows is about this class as well as how to set it up and also to create your own colour schemes, in addition to the ten schemes included.

the gdi+x classes that are used in this class use functions in that are fixed and you will get errors if you use the release version. as pointed out by cesar, the latest update with bugs fixed has… Continue reading

a reader on my blog posted - why don't i create other base controls with gdi+x so i thought i'd give it a shot. this post is about recreating the vfp base classes using pure gdi+ and the gdi+x classes to achieve neat looking base classes.

when i say "base class" i mean with vfp intrinsic ability to bind fields to controls. so while not all pem's available in the checkbox have been implemented the two most important have been - databinding using the controlsource and of course sprucing up the ui experience.

after a day and a half, this… Continue reading

been working off and on, on a set of, believe it or not, white buttons using gdi+x  so far they have come out pretty good looking. may complete them one day and post them.

what do you think?

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many times i have seen where there are grid controls that have an image as their background. now in vfp while it is not too difficult to display images in the grid, you just cannot get the effect as below.

avior:url(#ieooui) }

but with a little ingenuity and some technique this effect as above is certainly possible.

that's where gdi+ comes in. to achieve this you need the gdi+x classes found on vfpx and the imgcanvas class.

create a new class and base it on the imgcanvas class found in gdiplus.vcx.

as you should know, when using the… Continue reading

here are a couple of tips for getting things done with your classes using the shape control.

with a listbox control, you have to actually click on it before any row is selected. if, for any reason you wanted to be able to just move your mouse over it and have a row selected, you will find that you cannot achieve this with the plain control. that is because this behaviour is not native.

but given that you may want this specific effect, and remember that this technique can be used for other controls and your custom classes as well,… Continue reading