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the vfp image base class now has the rotateflip property where the image set as the picture property can be rotated and/or flipped.

the different states for the vfp control are:

0 - rotate0flipnone

1 - rotate90flipnone

2 - rotate180flipnone

3 - rotate270flipnone

4 - rotatenoneflipx

5 - rotate90flipx

6 - rotate180flipx

7 - rotate270flipx

(funnily enough these are exactly the same enumerations in the gdi+x [:)])

however the image base class has a problem. it cannot show an image background as transparent if the rotateflip property is anything other than 0. this can esaily be illustrated in this images… Continue reading

class uppdated with builder preview 30/09/2008

the class in the attached zip, is an example of what you can do to spruce up your application. it contains an aquabutton class which uses the imgcanvas object from the gdi+x classes on codeplex.

this class is very easy to use especially since i have added in a builder. it is just a matter of dropping an instance of the class on a form, setting the properties manually or using the provided builder and bob's your uncle.

the class needs just a few properties as shown here. all properties that can be changed… Continue reading

everyone who has used xp would have seen the effect produced when a user opts to shutdown windows xp. to see it you click the "start" button and then select shutdown, which brings up the windows shutdown dialog similar to the one below.

the question is why would anyone click "start" when they want to "stop"? but that is another story...

you may have also noticed that windows slowly fades the coloured background down to grey, leaving the coloured dialogbox to appear more prominent. the colour of the desktop is restored if the user cancels this operation.

this same effect… Continue reading

in my earlier post i showed a lightbox class done in vfp.

mike s posed a problem:

i've got one issue with it when placed on a vfp form that contains an activex control (ms webbrowser). the lightbox is not able to capture the contents of the activex, only the hosting vfp form. is there anyway to have it include the activex content as well?

that got me thinking because i did not provide for activex and as we all know, they always insist on being the topmost item on a vfp form. the only way to hide them is… Continue reading

the final piece of the puzzle

one of the things i have always wanted to do was to be able to expose the objects contained in the usercontrol as well as their properties without writing thousands of set and get statements. after all if you take a simple control with 4 textboxes, there are literally thousands of properties that would require sets and gets to be exposed using the interop toolkit template. i always knew there had to be an easier way. well the other day while re-reading this article(,guid,3dd24f92-a52c-4bb0-8121-c2e6e2cc4f93.aspx) from craig boyd and this line popped out at me:… Continue reading