Monthly Archives: August 2008

this is a control that will display your data in a repeated sequence. unlike a normal grid, this control can show multiple lines from the same record, thus giving you the ability to display data in a scrollable container with no restriction on the number of fields to display. there are a number of examples of a datarepeater to be found but it is better to visualise it than to describe it, so here is my datarepeater control in action.

this control is very easy to setup and use as you will see. just a few steps and a few… Continue reading

a lightbox dialog technique in vfp

you may or may not have heard of the lightbox dialog ui effect. it is one of the current effects making the rounds, and has been described as the "interaction design technique of the year" on this page where design awards for 2008 were announced - (scroll down midway)

well this effect can very easily be implemented in vfp with a simple image and a png with a mask.

you may recall that i showed the usage of png's with transparent masks to enhance the gui in these posts:… Continue reading