Monthly Archives: December 2007

adding reflections to the bbzoombar class.

over the holidays, i have done some additional enhancements to the bbzoombar class. wouldn’t it be nice to have the icons reflected on the bar, with the reflections moving and zooming as well? well this class now has them.


also the class has been revamped to allow for more than 9 buttons. now you can have up to 99 but that would be overkill.

i have also added a builder to the class. to use the new class, just drop it on a form, resize the container and arrange the grey bar centrally… Continue reading

the zoombar class

 from the first time i saw this class here

 i liked it a lot. only problem was it was in .net and not vfp and i did not want all that overhead.

 emerson reed did a good class here but it only had 2 states so was more of a popup button class rather than a zoom class.

so i decided to develop this from the ground up to suit my needs and with an actual zooming effect. the class i came up with was easier to program than i first thought.


the… Continue reading