Monthly Archives: July 2007

in a previous post titled embed your images, i described how you can embed images into a class.  


well in this post i will show you a better way to embed those images as well as a configuration file into a class. the class in question is a treeview class first shown here in this post.


the class and sample forms can be downloaded from the link below.


all that is needed to use this class is to run the xmldashbuilder.scx form and configure how the treeview will look. you can add items,… Continue reading

part 3 – adding and enabling a menu strip


in this post i will expand on my other posts (1 & 2 ) and show how we can add a menu strip and use it from vfp. you will need to download the source code supplied in the previous post to follow along.


mike s has requested this segment so here ya go mike…


open up the project in and you are good to go.


adding a “menu strip” is very easy. double click the file mytoolstrip.vb to open it in the design window. from… Continue reading