Monthly Archives: August 2006

how it is done


my previous post was purposely vague as i wanted to stir some interest. just describing the method used to achieve the effect would have been easy but would have ended the interest there.


many readers “got it”. some slightly differently to what i did but nevertheless there are many ways to skin a cat. other’s just did not.


anyway in this post i will describe the method used to achieve the semi - transparent form effect. i hope readers will think about the techniques used and come up with their own takes on… Continue reading

it’s  all smoke & mirrors


gone are the days of staid grey forms and controls. now screens need to have visual appeal as well as functionality. microsoft started the trend by designing the outlook 2000 interface and went one better with the outlook 2003 interface which uses themes. everywhere on the net we see the effect of colour on web pages.


well we have the ability to use themes in vfp and the outlook interface lends itself to easily copying and adding the similar look and feel to a vfp interface.


i must state at the… Continue reading