Monthly Archives: June 2006

the windows vista cpt is out and is being downloaded desperately by whoever has the bandwidth. one of the "eye candy" items of vista themes is something called glass forms. when applied, it gives an effect that the form is transparent - like glass.

however don't rush out and set this up since your current graphics card may not support its requirements. also it is a huge resource hog and recommendations are that only a small part of the window should be glassed.

so what should we others who are using xp do then? will vfp support or have… Continue reading

onenotetabs(ont) in visual foxpro


the techniques involved with making these tabs are simple and straight forward. since i use no api’s , to achieve the gradient effect requires a bitmap, one for each colour used. the techniques used here are my own. opinions may vary but this is how i do it. this only works in vfp9 since it has the memberclass property.


as mentioned in my previous blog entry, my philosophy is to program only as much as is needed. i don’t intend selling this control so i can decide what i put in and what… Continue reading

its all in the perception


craig bailey on his blog talks about how to make vfp look cool. as he says, its all in the mind – perception - vfp is xbase and is old technology, vfp controls look dated etc. we need to change that.this is a must read.



so is vfp cool or what? there are components out there that can be used to make vfp look and feel as cool as any other application, that we know.


take a look at the screenshots for office 2007 and have a look at… Continue reading