You may have seen in a number of my classes that they come with a built in builder which makes it easy to set the correct properties and gives you a correct view of how the object will look with the properties set.

Recently one of the Foxite guys created a spinner class suitable for large fingers and touch and I sent him a Builder for it. He requested a tutorial as to how to create a Builder like that and as I had also been thinking that this would be useful, I decided to document the process here. We… Continue reading

There was a query from a user on Foxite as to whether it was possible to set a tile as disabled. It certainly is, but "Disabled" is not needed for all tiles, because of their usage.

Among the 5 different tiles provided, the disabled option only makes sense for the following 3 classes of tiles:

Partslide, PartslideL & WideTile.

So there is now an Enabled property of the tile, found by selecting the Favorites tab in the property editor.

Two new properties have been added/provided as shown:

disabledimage -  the image to display when the tile is disabled… Continue reading

Recently someone posted on foxite about how to control your webcam using vfp.

That is a topic in itself but that got me thinking as to how to DISPLAY the output of your webcam easily in VFP using the web browser control.

Using the standard Web Browser control and HTML5 it is just not possible because of the limitations of IE and HTML5.

I have posted here

about how to install the Google Chrome Frame and set it up.

However because of the security restrictions of Google Chrome, using the webcam from a local file is not possible. Chrome… Continue reading

If you are like me, over the years you would have accumulated a large number of files.

I had run out of disk space on my desktop long ago and rather than install an internal drive, I opted for an external USB driven disk of 3TB size.

Disk space is cheap now as compared to before. My first HD was a 20 MB drive for $650. I can buy a complete computer now for that amount and have some change over.

Anyway I have a large number of media files on this external drive - Movies, TV shows, Songs, Tutorial… Continue reading

Earlier I had published 2 articles that described Windows 8 Live tiles

The original Article and the Update1

I had also published an Easing Library for VFP which used Robert Penner's Easing Functions converted by me for use in VFP. Since I liked those easing functions, I decided to put them in a class and add them to the Windows 8 Tiles project so that the Win8 Live tiles now have Easing. Here is the sample below.(excuse the blurred colours. That is because GIF's have only 256 colours)

I have added the easing Functions Library as a class in the… Continue reading

I have always looked at other programming languages, especially .Net WPF forms and admired the Easing that was available for those controls. In VFP that seemed impossible.

Not any more. Enter the Easing Library of functions for VFP. If you don't know what Easing is, then have a read here

Also, to better visually understand what is meant by easing, have a look at this page where you can try out the different easing functions available. You need to do this to understand what easing is and what it can bring to your apps. No static image can ever illustrate… Continue reading

Hi Guys

I have just updated the Windows8 Live tiles with 2 new tiles.

The new tiles consist of an user defined image that slides left/right to reveal some user defined text. This is what the tile could look like initially. This is the Slide Left tile.

When you mouse over, the tile slides Left or Right depending on the class selected and will look like the image below. This is the Slide Right tile of the  Slide Right class.   The SlideLeft class (shown above)  is subclassed from this class.

I have not added any custom properties… Continue reading

I quite like the idea of "Live Tiles" on an application desktop a-la-Windows 8 (Metro). It gives your user up-to-date feedback in an animated tile of whatever information you choose to display.

For this post I created three different types of Live Tiles. All tiles are clickable so you can put any code you want into the click() method. All tiles are 310x150 px in size

1. The Rollover Tile

This tile allows you to display an image of 310x150 px as well as a text message that can be anything you choose. As the user moves the… Continue reading

Ever since it was first introduced, I have hated the fact that most applications insisted on installing stuff in my c:\Program Files folder. Some gave me the option of choosing another location but most, especially Microsoft Applications, like SQLServer and others, did not give this option and  insisted on putting everything in my C: drive.

When I bought my present computer it came with an 80 Gig HD which at that time was sufficient. I also added another drive of 250 Gigs as my D: drive and most of my apps are stored here.

Unfortunately over time the C:… Continue reading

Guys, its been a while since I last posted.

Anyway this is not about VFP but about webapps and HTML5.

Mozilla have been working on "Open Web Apps" - an open app store platform - throughout this year, and recently launched the Firefox Marketplace.

Currently there are only a few titles here and they only work on Firefox for Android which means Desktop and other Browsers will not work -or will they.

So I decided to check this out for myself.

There are a few things you will need first but everything is free.

1. If you haven't yet done… Continue reading