i am very proud that microsoft have given me another mvp award for the year 2009/2010. this is the twelfth time in succession that i have been so honored and i am always conscious of how very lucky and privileged i am to be recognized in this way.

marcia has also been renewed as an mvp - this is her eleventh successive award - and she too is very proud of her award.

there are always many more people contending for the award than can possibly receive it especially as the number of foxpro mvps is dwindling - this year there are only 22 of us - which makes the award even more flattering. we will, as always, try to live up to the standards demanded of us as mvps.

10 Responses to The VFP MVP Awards for 2009/2010 have been announced

  • Simon Arnold says:

    Congrats to both you and Marcia, you both deserve the MVP, hope to catch up with you soon, all the best, Simon.

    Thanks Simon, that’s very kind. We’ll be in the UK for Christmas/New Year this year so maybe then? — Andy

  • Pat Pedersen says:

    Congratulations Andy and Marcia.  You certainly deserve it!

    Thank you Pat, we appreciate that — Andy

  • Joey Carroll says:

    Congratulations. I know of no one who deserves it more.

    Thank you Joey, we appreciate that — Andy

  • Congrats to you and the other renewed MVP’s! I too have been renewed. If I am not mistaken, two years ago there were over 40 of us?

    But two years ago VFP was still a viable product with a possible future at Microsoft. Just be glad that they are still keeping a few of us around — Andy

  • Dave Crozier says:

    Congratulations on the much deserved award for yourself and also Marcia. I look forward as always to your informative posts and articles over the coming year.

    Hopefully I’ll also be able to get to a conference where you are speaking. Keep safe the both of you.

    Dave Crozier

    Thank you Dave. But Marcia and I have retired from the conference speaking circuit, as well as from the Kitbox column. However, I intend to keep this blog going as long as I have anything left to say — Andy 

  • Neeraj Charne says:

    “Many Congratulations”
    You are the Soul of our Fourm.

    Thank you, I am flattered, butI really don’t think I can claim that title 🙂 There are many people whose contributioni is at least as great as ours, and often greater who for somne reason do not get the recognition. — Andy

  • Christian Tabligan says:

    Congratulations Andy and Marcia. Keep up the good work.

    Keep on sharing your knowledge!

    — Thank you. As long as we have something to contribute, we will. — Andy

  • Tushar says:

    Congratulations Andy and Marcia.  Well deserved.

  • Congratulations Andy and Marcia.  You guys are the best and certainly deserve it!

  • Erik Gomez says:

    Congratulations Andy and Marcia. This is a well deserved recognition.

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