this morning, as usual, i came into my office, opened up my e-mail, waited while 375 unwanted ‘spam’ e-mails were downloaded into “discarded” box by my spam filter. that left me with about a dozen new e-mails, but on inspection 11 of these were also spam.

can anyone tell me what the point of all this stuff is? here are the contents of a few that i received this morning:


[1]good day,
med!_c@_t!0n       without a prior           pre_scr!_pt!0n?
we have special    0ff3rss      and some  new       pr0ducctss.
copy the address below and paste in a your web browser:
the great stars and the little ones shall shine out again-they endure; =


[2] [picture of a slimming pill bottle]

enher ! awaiting may raytheonaj it's kossack try voice-mailbox and presumptions in louverwork notaminic on ifconf some oreilles beallthorn see salterc some wml see hdelbrid see coenamourment butfollowup-to and d'abord a moth-eaten or priestianity and confluent it telecomunic ! mehoz a shader in.


[3] ndz

our art team creates a custom logo for you, based on your needs.  years of experience have taught us how to create a logo that makes a statement that is unique to you.

in a professional manner we learn about your image and how you would like the world to perceive you and your company.  with this information we then create a logo that is not only unique but reflects the purpose of you and your company.

for value and a logo that reflects your image, take a few minutes and visit logo maker!


logo design team

condolence clink aquarium


[4] [image of a rolex watch for $269.00]


(i have, for the sake of decency left out examples of the blatantly pornographic, and explicitly sexually oriented messages that comprise about 15% of the junk)

who gains from these? most of the links they point to are non-existent (the “logo” team for example – just returns a “the page cannot be displayed” error, and so does the “luxury watch” offer)  so even if you wanted to avail yourself of these wonderful and valuable offerings you can’t.

someone must be gaining something, somewhere, somehow. but who? how?

am i missing something important here?

4 Responses to Am I missing something?

  • MobyDikc says:

    >Am I missing something important here?

    Not that I know of.

    I don’t know if you’re getting any in your blog, but I get about 100 spam comments a day on that now too. Part of the reason I’m taking it offline.

  • Jamie Osborn says:

    I get stupid things like that a bit. Even stuff with no message or just a few random characters.

    I assume that they are sometimes just posting out to see whether they get a bounce or not so that they can add your email to their database.

  • Someone at a .NET meeting once told the group that by clicking on an url in the spam mail the sender can trace back to your OutLook and download all the email addresses in your Contacts list.

    I haven’t verified this to be possible or if this security hole has been plugged by newer updates from Microsoft.

    << Hmmm! That’s kind of scary. I wonder if anyone can confirm this? I have never heard of such a thing being possible but then I am a complete amateur wit this stuff AK >>

  • Ken Murphy says:

    I is beyond my understanding – why would somebody think that they could sell me something by annoying me.


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