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hi friends ...

here is a way i used to add an undo - redo functionality to applications.

the basic idea:

  the basic idea i used is that, with every change, i save the code script that will undo it. and save the code script that will redo it in a table that will save these scripts ordered descending from the most recent to the oldest to allow us to undo the most recent change first (logical behavior :-)).
  i used execscript() to execute these codes when needed.
  and when undoing is carried on to some point,… Continue reading

hi friends …

when i refer to activex controls i mean those which i test well, the richtextctrl, datetime picker and the month view.
(other activex controls like forms2 textbox got other issues too, tested partially)

activex keypress(), keydown(), keyup() choas

while i was developing a form in which i decided to use f5 function key as a shortcut key to refresh the form, as usual i set the keypreview property of the form to .t. to trap the key pressed and take an action … i placed a simple code to deal with the f5 key press.… Continue reading