i would be happy to announce to my friends here in foxite and in iraq that i am working to accomplish the first visual foxpro programmers group in iraq. in fact, i can say it will be the first programmers group in iraq.

  it was my dream to build this group since about more than 4 years ago, and at that time i send an e-mail to one of the iraqi foxers who is a member in foxite too (we never met) and told him that i will work on creating a foxpro group in iraq. he show his readiness to help me on that. but at that time, i was totally engaged in my medical study to get the certificate of neurosurgical profession. now it is about a year and a half since i finished my study and training and got the certificate to work as a professional neurosurgeon (with very good marks ;-d ..... ). now i can say that i got some more time to make my dream come true.

  i was hesitant to announce this group. i was waiting for it to be more stabilized and active to announce it but several e-mails from boudewijn lutgerink encouraged me to announce about this group early. thanks to boudewijn, his idea is that this early announcement is a good wake up call to iraqi foxers (or i can say to iraqi programmers in general).

  so, i e-mailed several iraqi foxers who are members in foxite and told them about the group. till now i got a response from 4 members in different cities in iraq and they was happy about it. i am waiting for the response of others and trying to hunt more (foxes) in the (forest) 🙂

  at the time being i got a google account for the group in which i build a simple web page, a discussion panel, a blog. google account will give us great sharing features with its documents, photos, calendar, gmail audio and video and text chat and more. i posted these news to my new iraqi friends to start arranging the work of the group, getting to know each other and build a friendship that will boost our passion to share knowledge and arrange for the first foxpro developers conference ( i hope that be in the near future).

  we are just in the first step ... i hope we can make it a solid reality.

 we wish to hear from all of you foxer friends, about your experience in
this regard and your advices to us as a newly born foxpro group.

the iraqi visual foxpro programmers group,

google mail: iraqi.vfppg@gmail.com
google profile
discussion panel

ammar hadi
june 2009

6 Responses to The First Visual FoxPro Programmers Group in Iraq

  • Eric says:

    Hi Ammar, congratulations and good luck! Let me know if there’s any way Foxite can help.

    Thanks very much Eric for your passion and readiness to help. As always .. when I need something related to the fox, foxite is the place where I find it. You are always helpful Eric. I promise you that when we need help, we will never think twice before asking it from you. Thanks


  • Neeraj Charne, India says:

    Many congratulations …

    Thanks a lot Neeraj. With my best wishes.


  • boudewijn lutgerink says:

    I hope this community will live long, and prosper. For sure I hope to hear a lot from this promising group.

    -Thanks a lot Boudewijn .. your inspirations boost my passion .. I hope I can keep it alive.

  • b k binani says:

    Very Nice! My Heartiest Congratulation and warm regards!

    -Thanks Binani … I am trying my best …  …

  • Matongski says:


    Thanks Matongski

  • Congrats Ammar!

    Establishing user group in such hard times in your country is an

    achievemnt in itself!

    Wish you success in keeping Iraq VFP user group active and prosperous.

    All the best


    Thanks a lot Sergio .. the hard thing is finding ambitious people in this environment. Hope you the best ever.

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