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i've noticed that many pos applications that allow the use of a barcode reader device is designed in a way so that there is a textbox on the pos window that is supposed to be used to receive the scanned barcode.

this approach has a main crippling feature. the barcode textbox should be the one with the focus before scanning the barcode, otherwise the loaded barcode characters will be useless or may mess around other controls.

another feature is that in most of the barcode readers the default suffix (the last character in the loaded barcode) is… Continue reading

hi friends ...

here is a way i used to add an undo - redo functionality to applications.

the basic idea:

  the basic idea i used is that, with every change, i save the code script that will undo it. and save the code script that will redo it in a table that will save these scripts ordered descending from the most recent to the oldest to allow us to undo the most recent change first (logical behavior :-)).
  i used execscript() to execute these codes when needed.
  and when undoing is carried on to some point,… Continue reading

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when i refer to activex controls i mean those which i test well, the richtextctrl, datetime picker and the month view.
(other activex controls like forms2 textbox got other issues too, tested partially)

activex keypress(), keydown(), keyup() choas

while i was developing a form in which i decided to use f5 function key as a shortcut key to refresh the form, as usual i set the keypreview property of the form to .t. to trap the key pressed and take an action … i placed a simple code to deal with the f5 key press.… Continue reading

in a recent thread about sorting a grid by clicking its headers, i explained a procedure to do that. i think posting it in my blog could be useful for others.

the thread post is here.

i improved the code and there is a link below to download a sample form.

you should have 2 icons in your project, one for descending (a small arrow downward) and the other for ascending (small arrow upward).

in the init event or at design time, add the appropriate icon to the appropriate header(picture property) so that the correct sorting type on the… Continue reading

i would be happy to announce to my friends here in foxite and in iraq that i am working to accomplish the first visual foxpro programmers group in iraq. in fact, i can say it will be the first programmers group in iraq.

  it was my dream to build this group since about more than 4 years ago, and at that time i send an e-mail to one of the iraqi foxers who is a member in foxite too (we never met) and told him that i will work on creating a foxpro group in iraq. he show his… Continue reading

hello my friends ...
i would like to publish my first weblog post about a method i use to modify the report i use to print invoices.
in this method i get benefit from 2 of the properties of report objects that is:
comment and user data in the tab of report object properties dialog.
i use these properties to assign additional data to the object so that i can find it when i query the source table of the report and that will allow me to specifically change the position, width .. etc that will allow me to generate… Continue reading